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          Choices At The Speed o’ Light

A 55-minute poetic musical

play that portrays both impulsive decisions that may lead to teen pregnancy, drug use and violence, and goal-oriented decision making processes that can prevent those outcomes.



• Live, one-woman performance

• Student participation residency

• Script availability: see order form



The now grown younger sister of Marissa reflects in periodic flashback form on how she has arrived at her own decision-making process, by the lessons she has learned tagging around with older sis and friends. Her observations include situations that encompass sexuality, anger, drug use, basically, impulsive behaviors. Act one addresses causes and consequences; act two, some decision-making processes that demonstrate alternatives to impulsivity. The format of the play is composed of narrative, monologue, poetry, rap, and song.

For booking and pricing Contact Clare.


“Your non-judgementalism is awesome, noticed by everyone in the group and appreciated, is a real gift, surprises them.” Participant of Educare training workshop


"If my friend had seen your play she wouldn't be pregnant." Teen participant in workshop production of play, Choices At The Speed-a-light. Read more

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Letter of Recommendation


Choices At The Speed-a-light

"Clare Adrian, a former Parent As Teachers Educator, asked me last year to review a play she wrote about avoiding pregnancy, drug use, and violence. The play was unique in the fact that Clare would play all the characters. It held my interest, had a realistic dialogue, is appropriate for its intended audience, and has an effective story line.


I have not actually seen the play performed, but I would encourage any group or secondary school to read the dialogue and consider how it may enhance one's prevention programs. Clare has done a lot of creative work for our community and is sincerely interested in youth and the issues that affect them."


Diane Bruckerhoff, RN., M.Ed.

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