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Programs for Kids

​Performance and/or CD

"Backyard Wonders" gives kids a peek into my backyard and all the wonders that can be found in any yard, depending on what they're focusing on and how they're experiencing it.

The songs and poems also model kindness to pets, and respect for all of nature, including one's self and others.

Titles include: 

  • "Here Comes My Little Kitty"

  • "Going to the Doc"

  • "Growing Up With Adults" 

  • "I'm Special"

  • "Under A Log"

backyrdcover renamed.jpg

Elementary Age School Scripts

Based on circle time topics that kids came up with themselves at children's community theatre classes.

Ready to produce in the classroom, for community theatre classroom productions, or summer camps.

Snow Dwarf and the Dancing Princesses

​Doggone Loggers

​Mystery of Marguree Mansion

​The Magic Seeds

For booking and pricing Contact Clare.

All scripts are copyrighted, are the property of Claritivity Productions and may not be reproduced.

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