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                            The Water Cycle Circle!

An illustrated story book for young children that follows one drop of water through one possible, exciting circular path in the water cycle.

What a ride indeed!

                        Water Cycle Circle song included.

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A look inside A Water Cycle Circle!

From the experts

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“I read the illustrated story on the water cycle and judge it to be correct botanically. It is my opinion that the story presents in an understandable manner one fo the natural cycles that occur in nature. This would seem to be a good way to present the cycle to young persons.”

Billy G. Cumbie

Professor of Botany

College of Arts and Science, Div of biological science

University of Missouri, Columbia MO

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“I have examined the proposed content of the story on the water cycle by Clare Adrian and find the portion dealing with the meteorology and cloud physics suitably accurate and complete for the intended reader age and comprehension level.”

Grant L. Darkow

Professor of Atmospheric Science

College of Agriculture, Dept. of Atmospheric Science

University of Missouri, Columbia MO

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​"In the course of selecting quality trade books for inclusion in the classroom, I am concerned with the lack of high interest readable science books. Informational books for children need to hold the interest of children while still accurately presenting the material.


In previewing the manuscript, I was impressed with the quality and accuracy of the artwork. I found the text appealing and readable. The effectiveness of this book would truly be enhanced by an accompanying sound tape.”

Respectfully submitted,

Kathryn J. Mitchell

Head teacher, primary classroom

Stephens college, Columbia MO

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