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Performance reviews of Poetic Parenting presentations:

"Clare's presentation struck me as the most uplifting presentation on parenting that I have seen, a sonnet on parenting to make Shakespeare take notice!" Beth Bridgeman, Book Consultant , Hannibal Public Library


"Bewitchingly charming, exquisitely talented." Julie, Prevention Resource Worker, Family Counseling Center, Columbia Mo


"Her teaching through poems - a very dramatic imprint on the mind." Educare Training Resource Worker


“Your non-judgementalism is awesome, noticed by everyone in the group and appreciated, is a real gift, surprises them.” Participant of Educare training workshop


“Her unique presentation style allows her to connect with her audience in a meaningful manner. She brings charm, wit and a wealth of knowledge about parenting and child development to her presentations.”

—MO EduCare Coordinator, Mary Jo Herde


Meg Berger, intensive in-home services specialist, showed the Poetic Parenting video to a family at-risk of having her children taken away by the state and placed in foster care. The mom's response was, 'I didn't know I shouldn't slap hands. I always slapped my 6 year olds hands.' The poetic/musical presentation was suited to the family's level and the characterization of the parent/child dynamic, needs, and responses were easy for them to identify with,” said Berger.


“You should do it worldwide,” Poetic Parenting workshop participant


Taub rec.jpeg



Performance review of Choices At The Speed-a-light:

"If my friend had seen your play she wouldn't be pregnant." Teen performer in participatory workshop production of the play.

Writing reviews:

“Your poem "Honestly" is an absorbing and sensitive poem," Betty Cook Rottmann, published in Well-Versed Poetry


I just wanted to let you know what a GREAT JOB you did on my story.  You described my life, my family, and my business as though you had walked in my shoes.  It was incredible!!!  I couldn't believe the way you got all the details on paper so accurately and precisely as if you had lived it yourself.  You are an amazing writer!!! 

Had I known you would do such remarkable work I would have never dragged my feet for so long.  Thank you for not giving up on me. Again Thank YOU So Much for this, it is Amazing and so are YOU!!!’

Joe Pearson

Pearson Cabinet


“We received the National Hardwoods issue containing the beautiful article you wrote. Many thanks for the great work. You are a gifted storyteller. We truly appreciate it!’

Christina Sauer, Office Administrator

Excelsior Wood Products


“I really enjoyed reading the article that you wrote about Tony and his business - and look forward to seeing it in print! Take care and thank you!”


Mary Ellen Gedris

John Anthony Millworks


I just found the copy of Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties in my in-box. The article and the photo just thrilled me! I simply had to send a most sincere “thank you” for your patience and your kindness and for using the Wilderness in your article. All good things to you, Clare!

Thanks again,

Kathie Henry, Retail Manager

Wilderness at the Smokies


You wrote a great article about Gat Creek. Thanks!  We have received a bunch of calls & letter congratulating us. ITL, a key supplier, even mounted the article on a walnut plaque that we've hung in our entryway. When you find yourself in WV next, please drop in, and we'll show you everything.


Gat Caperton, President

Caperton Furnitureworks, Berkeley Springs, WV


Letters of Recommendation


A Water Cycle Circle Ride

“I have examined the proposed content of the story on the water cycle by Clare adrian and find the portion dealing with the meteorology and cloud physics suitably accurate and complete for the intended reader age and comprehension level.”

Grant L. Darkow

Professor of Atmospheric Science

College of Agriculture, Dept. of Atmospheric Science

U of MO, Columbia MO



“I read the illustrated story on the water cycle and judge it to be correct botanically. It is my opinion that the story presents in an understandable manner one fo the natural cycles that occur in nature. This would seem to be a good way to present the cycle to young persons.”

Billy G. Cumbie

Professor of Botany

College of Arts and Science, Div of biological science

U of MO, Columbia MO



"In the course of selecting quality trade books for inclusion in the classroom, I am concerned with the lack of high interest readable science books. Informational books for children need to hold the interest of children while still accurately presenting the material.


“In previewing the manuscript, I was impressed with the quality and accuracy of the artwork. I found the text appealing and readable. The effectiveness of this book would truly be enhanced by an accompanying sound tape.”

Respectfully submitted,

Kathryn J. Mitchell

Head teacher, primary classroom

Stephens college, Columbia MO



Choices At The Speed-a-light

"Clare Adrian, a former Parent As Teachers Educator, asked me last year to review a play she wrote about avoiding pregnancy, drug use, and violence. The play was unique in the fact that Care would play all the characters. It held my interest, had a realistic dialogue, is appropriate for its intended audience, and has an effective story line.


I have not actually seen the play performed, but I would encourage any group or secondary school to read the dialogue and consider how it may enhance one's prevention programs. Clare has done a lot of creative work for our community and is sincerely interested in youth and the issues that affect them."


Diane Bruckerhoff, RN., M.Ed.

Piano reviews:


"There's a darling pianist who plays to her and your hearts' content. She'll take requests, too, but usually does her own thing or a song that Ratata Owner wants to sing. Yes, you'll be serenaded to by the gal who runs the place--musical entertainment on the house...typical Paris. "


"Throughout the evening Zaia sang French songs and another talented woman played musical standards on the piano."

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