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Clarity of Heirs

Clarity of Heirs is an extension of the musical poetic performance-art presentation Poetic Parenting, A Musical. In it, Clare covers the same topic areas as Poetic Parenting and more, applicable to older children, teens and adults.


Selections from both Clarity of Heirs and Poetic Parenting, A Musical, often are merged into custom-designed programs to fit event needs.


Some topics of Clarity of Heirs programs include:

Developmental nuances and needs

Discipline (guidance) techniques

Parenting styles




Two-parent households


Also available in book form, many songs, on CD.

For booking and pricing see Contact Clare.

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“Her unique presentation style allows her to connect with her audience in a meaningful manner. She brings charm, wit and a wealth of knowledge about parenting and child development to her presentations.”

—MO EduCare Coordinator, Mary Jo Herde

Sample songs

I'm Six

What You Look Like Mad

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