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Clare Adrian’s been a prolific freelance writer for various publications, including:


Regionally -

Business Times, Babies & Beyone, The senior Times, and Indy's Child

Nationally -

Early Childhood News, Playthings, School Transportation News, US Kids,

Leadership for Student Activities, Listen, and Next Step Magazine for teens;

Casino Journal, Club Management, Markee, Club Industry, American Entertainment Magazine,  DramaBiz, Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties, Tourist Attractions and Park,  Music & Sound Retailer, Corporate & Incentive Travel, CSP Information Group, CFO, POP Times; Garden Center Merchandising & Management, Lawn & Garden Retailer, Grounds Maintenance,  Rangefinder, Recycling Today, Modern Brewery Age, Upholstery Journal, Modern Uniform, Laundry Today, Sign Builder Illustrated, National Hardwood and Softwood Forest Product Buyer.

Columnist -

Beauty Fashion magazine

Online parenting magazine


Parents As Teachers Teen Parenting Newsletter, Columbia, MO

Columbia House Nursing Home Newsletter, Columbia, MO

Editorial assistant for an entomology publication, University of Missouri

Contributing Writer

Parents As Teachers National Center Training Manual


Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum  

Sample articles:

Indie's Child, "Keeping the Educational Fires Burning" p.1 

                       "Keeping the Educational Fires Burning" p.2

                       "Child Protection Safety: Who's In Charge?"

The Next Step Magazine, "Teach Alternative"     

Early Childhood News: "Baby's First Year: Bonding & Attachment"                                                                      

"I just wanted to let you know what a GREAT JOB you did on my story.  You described my life, my family, and my business as though you had walked in my shoes.  It was incredible!!!  I couldn't believe the way you got all the details on paper so accurately and precisely as if you had lived it yourself.  You are an amazing writer!!! 

Had I known you would do such remarkable work I would have never dragged my feet for so long... Again Thank YOU So Much for this, it is Amazing and so are YOU!!!"

Joe Pearson

Pearson Cabinet

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