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Elementary Age School Scripts

Based on circle time topics that kids came up with at children's community theatre classes.

Snow Dwarf and the Dancing Princesses

Cast:  5M, 4F, 3 Either
Set/Time:  Interior living room set / About 45 minutes

For elementary age children: A wicked queen puts a spell on her nephew, causing him to fall asleep. His princess cousins break the spell by dancing.

​​Doggone Loggers

Cast:  1M, 2F, 3 Either
Set/Time: Morning, a rainforest jungle/ 6 minutes

For early elementary age children: A family of foxes and their adopted pup are displaced by logging, loose one another, to be reunited into a new and safe home.

Mystery of Marguree Mansion

Cast:  2M, 6F, adaptable to more male characters.
Set/Time: Twilight, at edge of woods, secluded mansion/ 10 minutes

For elementary age children: After a weekend visit to their Aunt’s Marguree Mansion, siblings solve a switched identity mystery.

The Magic Seeds

Cast:  4M, 8F, 2 Either
Set/Time: Classroom/10 minutes

For elementary age children: Based upon the actual history of Wisconsin Fast Plants that are used in schools to teach about the plant life cycle (but stretched into fantasy), science class students discover the secret of why the plants grow so fast.

​​All scripts are copyrighted, are the property of Claritivity Productions, and may not be reproduced. 

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