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Available as Book, DVD, and CD,

as Performance, Workshop, Seminar, and Consultation

For Parents/Caregivers

“Poetic Parenting - A Musical”
An informative yet entertaining insightful look into child development, for ages 0 to 3. Covers social, motor, cognitive areas, discipline, potty training and more, all delivered in songs and poems!

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Available as Book,

and as extension of Poetic Parenting in Performance, Workshop, Seminar, and Consultation

For Parents/Caregivers

Clarity of Heirs”
Companion book to Poetic Parenting for parents & caregivers that provides insights into child development, regarding ages 0 to teens. Performances, workshop/seminars and consultations embrace ages and stages of concern to audience.

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Available as Book and CD

All Ages

“Songs of Months & Days”
Originally created for reality orientation classes in nursing homes, the illustrated music book includes songs, notation and illustrated lyric sheets, one for each day and month of the year, and entertains kids of all ages as well, at home, birthday parties, and childcare centers.

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Available as Book

For children

“A Water Cycle Circle”
An illustrated story for young children that follows one drop of water through one possible, exciting circular path in the water cycle. Water Cycle Circle song notation, chords, and lyrics included.

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Available on CD and in Performance

For children
"Backyard Wonders" - CD contains songs and poems kids enjoy, and is also parent and nature-friendly, because much of its content assists parents in nurturing respect toward nature and one another. Several of the songs reinforce patterns that guide kids' actions toward cooperation, empathy, gentleness and environmentalism. Other songs provoke parental awareness of developmental stages, quality time and the value of play.

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"Choices at the Speed o' Light"
Cast: 7F, 3M, flexible number that can be either
Set/time: Bare stage/about 55 minutes
A poetic play that portrays both impulsive decisions that may lead to teen pregnancy, drug use and violence as well as goal-oriented decision-making processes, that can prevent those outcomes.

  • Live, one-woman performance

  • Student participation residency

  • Script availability:

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K through Elementary ages

"The Blue Barrel Special"
Cast: 2F, 2M, 6 - flexible number that can be either
Set: Interior Kitchen and exterior setting
A fanciful poetic, musical 10-minute play about recycling and littering for K through elementary age children

  • Student participation residency

  • Script availability

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Scripts are available for each of the following plays:

"Snow Dwarf and the Dancing Princesses"

Cast: 4F, 4M, 2 Either
Set: Simple inside and outside.
For elementary age children: A wicked queen puts a spell on her nephew, causing him to fall asleep. His princess cousins break the spell by dancing.

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"Mystery of Marguree Mansion"

Cast: 6F, 2M
Set: Exterior
For elementary age children: After a weekend visit to their Aunt MargAree's Mansion, siblings solve a switched identity mystery.

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"Dog-gone Loggers"

Cast: 3 F, 3 M, 2 either
Set: Exterior
For elementary age children: A family of foxes and their adopted pup are displaced by logging, loose one another, to be reunited into a new and safe home.

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"The Magic Seeds"

Cast: 6 F, 4 M, 4 either
Set: Interior, classroom

For elementary age children: Based upon the actual history of Wisconsin Fast Plants that are used in schools to teach about the plant life cycle (but stretched into fantasy), science class students discover the secret of why the plants grow so fast.

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​​All scripts are copyrighted, are the property of Claritivity Productions and may not be reproduced.


"Clarity Of Heirs" CD - Selections from the book "Clarity of Heirs" that deal with how kids internalize feelings perhaps into adulthood.
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"Past Forward" CD - An eclectic mix of bluesy jazz pop songs written over a span of years and updated to reflect issues of the day and carry forward those internalized feelings perhaps from childhood.

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