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Clare's Entertaining Educational Programs 

Claritivity Productions clarify information creatively. The entertaining yet educational arts-integrated programs incorporate your topic of choice into songs, poetry, stories and/or play performances for special events, for lively presentations at conferences, for  workshops, seminars, and for age specific audiences from kids to adults to all ages.

Here are existing programs available as play scripts, books, CD or DVD.

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"Poetic Parenting - A Musical"

Babies tell it like it is about what they need to develop fully in song and poem. Parent and caregivers have a little to say about it, too!

Presented as performance, adaptable for workshop/seminar/conference, on DVD, in book form and CD as "Poetic Parenting of Preschoolers."

For parents and caregivers of children age 0-3

img clar of heirs.JPG

For parents and caregivers of children age 0-teens

"Clarity of Heirs"

Companion program to "Poetic Parenting - A Musical" and the book/CD/DVD "Poetic Parenting," that gives continued voice to children age 0 to teens as well as parents & caregivers.

Poems and songs available in book form, songs on CD.


For Teens

​​​"Choices At The Speed O’ Light"

A 55-minute poetic play that portrays both impulsive decisions that may lead to teen pregnancy, drug use and violence, and goal-oriented decision making processes that can prevent those outcomes.

Options:  • Live, one-woman performance

                • Student participation residency

                • Script

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 10.29.50

For kids, schools, and community

"The Blue Bag/Barrel Special"

A poetic, musical 10-minute play about recycling and littering for all ages of children and community

Options: • Student participation residency

               • Community event

               • Script

backyrdcover renamed.jpg

"Backyard Wonders"

A performance of songs and poems that kids enjoy,

are nature-friendly, and parent-friendly provoking awareness of developmental stages, quality time, the value of play and repetition for learning.

Available on CD.


Elementary Age School Scripts

Based on circle time topics that kids came up with at children's community theatre classes.

"Snow Dwarf and the Dancing Princesses"

​"Doggone Loggers"

​"Mystery of Marguree Mansion"

​"The Magic Seeds"


For all ages

"Songs of Months & Days"

An illustrated music book for all ages that includes songs, notation, and illustrated lyric sheets that can be hung on bulletin boards, one for each month and day of the year. Though inspired by work with the elderly, the songs are appropriate for childcare centers as well as care centers for the elderly to all age kids at home. Everyone wants to hear the song for their birthday month!

Songs available on CD.

Water Cycle-page-028 copy.jpg

For young children

"The Water Cycle Circle"

An illustrated story book for young children that follows one drop of water through one of countless possible, exciting circular paths in the water cycle.

Water Cycle Circle song included.

For Kids

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